Friday, November 2, 2012

Mr. Fix-It

I have repeatedly asked my wife not to give me home projects. It's not laziness. It's a lack of experience and knowledge in the expensive areas.

But does she listen? About as well a I do when she's talking about....about....whatever it is she's always talking about.

So she asks me to take care of the seemingly small fixes. Like a bathroom drawer that fell off the track. I took it apart and discovered the inner parts were broken. Now this might have been a small afternoon project for most husbands. But maybe you haven't met me.

For me, it meant taking a broken inner part to three different hardware stores, all to no avail, before realizing I would have to install a new drawer slide. For those inexperienced like me, that's the long thingy the drawer slides on. At least, that's how I described it to the hardware guys.

While fixing the drawer, I pulled the bathroom counter top away from the wall so I could reach the wall easier. Every guy out there who has any experience at all already knows what I discovered next. I finished the drawer only to find I had busted the drain pipe.

See, the counter top is connected to the sink. The sink is connected to pipes. It's where the water goes. Thus began my crash course in plumbing. With the help of a friend, and after a few more trips to the local hardware store, I finished replacing the drain pipe.

All this has lead the wife to believe I can fix stuff. After all, now the sink is fixed and the drawer as well. You might assume all is well now.

About an hour after I was done, while I was still beating my chest and grunting, my oldest daughter came to me and told me there was a problem with the other bathroom sink.

Sigh. At least I know how it all goes back together.

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