Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Kill the Crickets!

I have a couple of theories...

Either there is one really big cricket sitting outside our bedroom window. But he's like the really big 12 year old boy, the kind that has facial hair already, but hasn't yet hit puberty. So his voice is really high. It could possibly be a pre-pubescent cricket that's just big for his age.


It's a whole Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir of crickets, all waiting for the conductor to drop his baton so they can chirp at the same time. This choir of crickets is so well trained that they sound as one.

Either way, it's loud and it disrupts my sleep.

Of course, I'm sure if I were to go outside and somehow manage to locate the source, I would find just a few crickets. But isn't it interesting how small things can add up to big things in our lives. A small sliver under a fingernail, a small scratch on a DVD, a small nail in your tire. They are all small, but good luck concentrating on anything else until you get the situation resolved. 

Perhaps this is why the devil is in the details, but you can guess who we're not focusing on when we have any of these minor interruptions in our lives. It is The One where our focus should always be, above and beyond anything else. 

Even when there is one cricket, chirping outside your bedroom window all night long. Did I mention he probably has a megaphone?

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