Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Long-Winded Much?

So what do you do if you realize that someone is about to kill you? As I read my Bible, the answer is to tell a long story.

Acts 7 is a perfect example. Stephen, a guy hired to help distribute food (read: waiter) was pulled before the religious leaders of the day to answer some accusations.

Apparently Stephen was looking at the situation and decided his chances weren't good. So he began to tell a story. From the beginning.

From the very beginning.

The question was about what Stephen believed about Jesus. If someone asked me what I believed about Jesus, I might answer simply that He is the Son of God. He died for my sins and now I live for him. Even conservatively speaking, that's 2 Bible verses, tops.

But Stephen had a different idea. They ask him the question and he begins by talking about Abraham. Yeah, father Abraham. The guy with many sons. Then Stephen takes these religious leaders on a walk through the Old Testament, something I am sure they adored. He spoke for 51 verses. 

But if you're going to die and they offer you some final words, you might as well make sure and tell it right. What amazes me, almost as much as the long answer, is that nobody cuts him off. Apparently there were no NFL-kickoffs to get to. 

Well, once Stephen took a breath, they all picked up rocks and killed him. One of the guys standing there was a guy who would later be called Paul. Perhaps it was here he learned the art of long-windedness. Because he would go on to be a great orator, but man oh man he was a long-talker. 

I'm just saying, we pass on more than just our faith.

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