Thursday, February 13, 2014

Frames - Multi-Careering

I love the idea. I hate the idea.

Those were my first thoughts when I first heard about Frames from the Barna Group. The idea is that you are much too busy to read full-length books. So they are going to give you powerful ideas in more manageable amounts. Instead of a 200-300 page book, you’ll get a 90-page book, full of eye-catching info graphics that convey the same information.

Like I said, I love it…and hate it. I hate it because it communicates that we don’t have to make choices. We can continue to work at this extremely unhealthy pace and still not have to choose between things that matter. But I love it, quite frankly, because this is where we are at. I can stick my head in the sand and pretend that things will change. Or I can reach people where they are at. Honestly, where I’m at.

I got this from my good friends at Youth Worker. They give me stuff and ask that I post a review. With them in mind, I would say that this is a great resource for teenagers and college students. The first series of Frames covers 10 topics, from women to fighting for peace, from handling your 20’s to why church is important. The book I handled was on multi-careering and featured writing by Bob Goff, a guy who has more careers than many other groups of people combined.

The fact is that teens and college students have plenty of other required reading, so anything that grabs their attention will have to be ingested quickly, making these books just the right size. It’s the perfect idea for small group discussions or mentoring. Buying the whole pack would be a great idea for those wanting to read them and pass along as well. I look forward to getting the entire first series.

You can find these for purchase here and here.

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