Thursday, February 27, 2014

This Is What I Do With My Needs

Worship begins with an acknowledgement that we need someone or something.

Without that acknowledgement, we have no need to worship anything. After all, if we have no need of anything external, why are we giving away our worship? Inherent in worship is a giving away of some part of ourselves. Our reverence. Our regard. Our honor. Our homage. Our time. Our talents.

Why give this away to anything when we see no need of that person or thing?

But we do have needs. And no one or nothing fulfills that need except for God. Indeed God does meet all our needs. He meets them gloriously. He meets them with riches found in Jesus.

We need God to do so. We need Him like no metaphor can fully explain. This acknowledgement of our need begins our worship.

It’s not worship simply because we have a need. It’s worship because our needs have been met. It’s a reminder to ourselves that none other can meet these needs. It’s a heart full of thanks and praise that we give to Him for meeting those needs.

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