Friday, August 29, 2014

Fill Up Their Cup, Let It Overflow

This is just a little something I shared with children's workers at my church.

Children’s Ministries is an exciting thing to be a part of in the church. We get to take an empty cup and fill it with good stuff. The scripture is filled with promises of what happens when we follow God’s plan. We know that part of His plan is one generation passing along the stories and the good news to the next generation. We’re given the hope that by doing this, generations will continue to grow up and seek God.

In this way, being among the first to fill a cup with the contents of our choosing is an exciting thing to be a part of.

But there is a second reality in being a part of children’s ministries in this day. It’s the sad fact that not all the cups are empty. Some of them are dirty and have been damaged. Many have been filled with ugliness that we recognize as being ‘from the world’.

Rather than discourage us from trying, it gives clarity to our call to teach children ‘the way they should go.’ It becomes our desperate hope to clean the cup and refill it with stories of hope and redemption, truth and love.

If they do not hear it from us, then who will tell them?

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