Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My Greatest Accomplishment

What’s the greatest thing you’ve ever done? (Go ahead and think about it. I'll wait right here.)

Are you back? Okay, read this verse.

“I tell you the truth, anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works, because I am going to be with the Father. ~John 14:12

Now that I have read to you words from Jesus, who wants to tell me what they think about the greatest thing they have ever done?

Yeah, if nobody wants to answer, I don’t blame you. Conquering Super Mario Brothers just doesn’t seem all that great when you consider that God has given us each His Holy Spirit power to be able to accomplish things. Somehow, the ability to eat a pancake bigger than your head doesn’t seem to be what I imagine Jesus was thinking we’d do with this awesome power.

So your follow-up question may be; “Okay, well, how am I supposed to know what God does want to accomplish through me?”

I've told my teens about a book I read many years ago by Henry Blackaby called Experiencing God. The main thing I've recalled from the book is this;

God speaks by the Holy Spirit through the Bible, prayer, circumstances, and the church to reveal Himself, His purposes, and His ways.

This line is a mouthful and I don’t expect you to remember it after hearing it just once. But what I like about everything Blackaby writes is how it involves application.

If God speaks to us through the Bible, what are we going to need to do? (Read the Bible!) It should make common sense.

If God speaks to us through prayer, what will we need to do? (Pray!)

If God speaks to us through the Church, where do we need to be? (The Church!) Yes, make it a priority. I don’t hesitate to tell you that church is where you should be. It’s not because I think I’m so awesome or always come up with the greatest things. It’s because everything I say is from scripture, everyone I find to work with you loves God, and because there is wisdom to be found when we work together towards the same goal. Again, what do we really believe?

If God speaks through circumstances, what does this mean? This one is a bit tougher. Here is where we need to pray for wisdom and discernment, so we know how to interpret what happens in life. If a tornado destroys a murderer’s home, should we assume God is punishing the guy for being a killer? No, tornadoes destroy things. If we get a postcard advertisement from Colorado, should we assume God wants us to move there? Maybe, but it’s probably safer to assume its just advertising. If you get an encouragement from someone just when you’re feeling down, should you assume God is trying to help you? The answer is yes!

My Greatest Accomplishment is putting myself in a position to do whatever God wills of me. This could refer to the moment I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. It could refer to the moment I accepted His call to become a pastor. Or it could simply refer to when I do today what God wants me to do today.

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