Monday, October 6, 2014

Ministry Monday: Teaching Prayer

I am teaching a series on prayer to my youth group this month. Here's part of what I said to them.

I want you to know God even better than I know my wife. 

Let me tell you what happened the other night. She had a phone call the other day that didn't go well. Once she gave me some details of what happened, I told her why she was upset. 

That sounds weird, like why didn't I let her just talk? Seriously Pastor, you don't get enough time to talk? Now you tell other people what they're thinking and feeling? Do you have any useful superpowers?

I wanted her to know how much I understood her. After 18 years of marriage, I wanted her to get that when there is no one else in this world who gets her, I get her. I understand. 

Whether or not I actually received any awesome husband points, I don't know. Not that I'm worried about that kind of thing. Having someone who you know understands is important. On top of that, having someone you know cares is something we don't do well without. 

With God, we have both. 

             God knows you. 

                          God hears you.
                                     God understands you.

And God cares....about you.

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