Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Stuff You Should Know About Stuff

I was recently given a review copy of Stuff You Should Know About Stuff: How to Properly Behave in Certain Situations. I was selected to be part of the launch team by my friends Tripp and Tyler, though referring to people I've never met as friends is one of the things I learned not to do while reading their book. I guess application comes next.

Nevertheless, Tripp and Tyler have come up with what I would call the Seinfeld series of books. They are saying future anthropologists will call it the Rosetta Stone of how to handle the mundane in life. They might be right.

It's a comical look at how people behave everywhere from bathrooms to airplanes, though I might have missed any comments about airplane bathrooms. Mostly clean, I might have shared this with my children, except for the unnecessary foul language which cropped up randomly and meaninglessly. (Seriously, I feel like a broken record when it comes to this issue in books.)

Sometimes mean, mostly sarcastic, I wouldn't want anyone to take this as a serious guide to living life, but with plenty of crazy references to things that will make you chuckle, this book is worth checking out. I personally enjoy things like this, where people take obvious or mundane and comment on the silliness that is our daily lives.

I wasn't really paying attention to how far I'd gotten in the book (I was reading it on my Kindle Fire) and I let out a disappointed 'oh' when I got to the end of the book. So, if you want to be as deftly able to handle awkward handshakes and how not to be 'that guy', you should probably check this book out. It's stuff you should know...about stuff.

Here are some links if you'd like to check it out.

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