Friday, November 14, 2014

If the Bible Were Presented Like Articles I See on Facebook

I'd like to think I am above the fray. I'd like to think that I am not attracted to the drivel that is like a magnet for the faceless and nameless group of morons (none of whom are people in my family, church, work, etc... and surely not in your circles either). Unlike others who appear to be evolutionary steps behind us, I am not sucked into links that promise to make me weep for hours, laugh uncontrollably or spontaneously wet myself.

Yeah, I'd like to think that. Then I find myself clicking on a link. Curiosity and all that, right?

What cracks me up is that many of these links are good stories, some are old jokes and the rest are...well, you know. But I realize that the internet is like a metropolis, where the signs have to be bigger, brighter, and bolder to get our attention.

All of this got me wondering what would happen if Biblical stories were presented like articles I see on Facebook. Here's my list. What would you add?

God sent His Son to Earth. What happened next will blow your mind.
Moses lifted up a stick in the desert. What he did next was unbelievable. 
A young boy picks up 5 stones. What he did with them was simply amazing.
A new diet used by young men has Babylonian doctors shaking their heads. 
A young king is granted one wish. What he asked for will leave you shaking your head.
A woman is caught cheating. How he responds will stun you.
Two of his friends ask the unthinkable. His response? Perfect.
What she does after her husband dies will leave you in tears.

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