Monday, November 24, 2014

Ministry Monday: Ask Me Anything

I started a new segment in my youth group meetings called Ask Me Anything. No, the idea is not original with me, but I forget where I stole the idea. Here's how I do it.

I have a box in our youth room labeled Ask Me Anything. Next to it is a stack of cards and a couple of pens. Students have been encouraged to literally ask me anything. And they do. From which of my own kids is my favorite to challenging me to perform a handstand, they ask anything.

I take some each week and answer them. Many are ridiculous, but some are serious. Those are the questions I am after. I let them do this anonymously so they feel the freedom to ask what's burning on their hearts. If it's anonymous, they don't have to worry about being mocked or ridiculed. We do a lot to practice the safety and welcoming attitude in our youth room.

Recently someone asked why bad things happen to good people. We took some time to discuss that, though it could have been a question that was discussed for months. One thing I offered is that the choices we make have an impact on others. Then I got this follow-up question:

Why do other people's sins effect us when you had nothing to do with the sin yourself?

Here's my answer. (Yes, even a pastor's answers have 3 points.)

1. We were meant to live in community. This will necessarily have positive and negative outcomes.
2. Sin effected Jesus as well and He absolutely had nothing to do with it.
3. This works in the reverse as well. Other's good choices will also bless our lives. (See: Jesus.)

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