Monday, May 21, 2012

God First, For Good Reason

I know many people will point to David the Goliath slayer and admire his sensitive side as he wrote many a song. I've got nothing against David's poetic side, but I think my man Heman the Ezrahite should not be overlooked. The man could write some tunes. And let's not forget his trademarked toys of the 80's. I'm sure the Master of the Universe was copied after Heman the Ezrahite.

That's not all that was copied. The Sons of Korah, probably the first Jewish boy band, decided to write their own song based on the tune that Heman wrote.

I'm glad they did, because here is a sample.

Do you show your wonders to the dead?
Do their spirits rise up and praise you?
Is your love declared in the grave,
your faithfulness in Destruction?
Are your wonders known in the place of darkness,
or your righteous deeds in the land of oblivion? ~Psalm 88:10-12

Ok, in the first part of this song, they bring the common themes of 'we're in trouble / please God save us'. But then they mix it up in the section above.

Because they don't beg for their lives. They don't make promises that no one believes they'll follow through on. Nope. They appeal to God on a level that gets His attention. It's almost as if they're saying;

Listen, God, we know we're asking a favor, but Your miracles don't impress dead people. (Admittedly, they had not met Lazarus.) Even more importantly, if we're dead, we won't be singing your praises. We can't talk about You if we're not talk about You.

Yeah, God comes first. But it's not so He can do stuff for us. It's because He comes first.

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