Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Gospel of Yes

True to form, here I am taking advantage of the latest technology from 10 years ago. This will be my first vlog. That's video-blog for any of you newbies out there. But before you go looking at me for about 90 seconds, let me make a few observations.

  • It will be easy to get lost staring into my eyes and not hear a word I'm saying. Fight that urge. 
  • Yes, I introduced myself as an 'Associate Pastor.' That's because explaining my actual job title would have taken 90 seconds, leaving me no time to talk about the book. That seemed like a bad idea. 
  • Before you say it, yes, I am naturally that beautiful. I thought I covered that in the first bullet point.
  • Oh, and the video may be shaky and I may have a few awkward pauses. They said to make the video as natural as possible. Welcome to my world...shaky and awkward. 
Alright, enjoy my first, and possibly last, vlog. 

The book is The Gospel of Yes by Mike Glenn. I received it for free from my good friends at Waterbrook Multnomah, so I could review it for you. Now my friends are your friends. 

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