Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Joys of Celebration

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I'm not sure if my dad ever felt this pressure, but wanting Mother's Day to go well is not a day that should be left to the children. After all, who better than the husband to discern the emotional needs of his wife? Can such important and daunting tasks be left to the same little ones who barely know how to keep their rooms clean?

Besides, celebrating someone else is always something I want a part of. Why? Simply put, it gets you closer to the party. I've recently mentioned why a good party is worth attending, but let's chat about how celebrating others can be a real treat.

For starters, there are the treats! Back to the aforementioned Mother's Day, I got the kids together and we planned the day out. Wouldn't Mommy like a yummy breakfast. Of course she would! Cinnamon rolls it is! Assuring my youngest that we would not simply make a couple of cinnamon rolls for Mom, we made enough to put us all in a sugary tizzy for the day.

Then there is the showering of gifts. This is where the heart counts as much as the gift itself. Especially when the shopping for said gifts takes 2 hours on a Saturday, when stores are filled with other desperate men and children, eager to not mess up Mom's Day. Ideas were scattered and some gifts were not possible (does Mom really want a brand new deck, complete with lawn furniture and ornaments?)

But the giving and celebrating and remembering of why we love Mom is something of which I want to be a part. Just like our worship of God. Worshiping God on a weekly basis in community, or remembering God on a daily basis, are good ideas.

So why do some find this tedious?

Worshiping God, in all forms and functions, bring us into His joy, making it ours as well. We share in the celebration, we share in the joy and ultimately, we share in the blessings. Those blessing are even better than a cinnamon roll.

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