Friday, June 29, 2012

Scooter Pride

It’s no secret to my church family that I own and drive a scooter. The fact is, since I can’t see myself while I am on the scooter, I envision myself looking pretty fly while I ride. But that all changed recently.

As I was riding along, scooter-style, to get some allergy medicine I passed another guy on a scooter going the opposite way. The fact that I was shopping for allergy meds should have been my first clue regarding my illusion to cool. As we approached, he pointed his fist towards the ground and in my direction. The following are the thoughts I had in the next few seconds.

·         Is that fist for me? Is that the universal sign for scooter drivers to show our support for one another?
·         I thought that was the sign Harley Davidson riders used for one another.
·         Why isn’t he wearing a helmet? Doesn’t he know that’s dangerous?
·         Should I respond with a downward-pointed fist of my own?
·         What if people see me? Will they assume I’m reaching for cool like a kid helplessly reaching for cookies on the top shelf, though hopelessly out of reach?
·         Worse yet, what if I swerve while trying to flash the scooter-sign? At least I have a helmet.

As he passed, I settled on one of those guy-nods that are universal for hello and what’s up. And as the moment passed, I realized I was too embarrassed to use the sign. Maybe it was because I thought a Harley owner might see me use their sign and come rough me up. Maybe it was because I realized I was driving a scooter to go get my allergy meds.

Then I realized that my decision on the scooter is like many other decisions you and I make every day. This one may not have had a moral right or wrong, but many of them do. Will I tell the truth or tell a little white lie? Will I help a person in need when I have the opportunity? Will I admit my love for Jesus no matter who else is around?

Life comes at each one us fast, oftentimes faster than a 50cc scooter. Will you be ready to make the right decision?

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