Friday, June 15, 2012

Taco Bell and Life Lessons

At a hotel my family was eating breakfast down in the lobby when a news story came on about a guy who drove into a Taco Bell because they left a taco out of his order. You read that correctly! They left a single taco out of his combo meal. So he assumed the correct course of action to remedy this was to take his truck and drive through the restaurant.

Because it would not be easier to simply go back up and ask for the missing taco. No, in order to help Taco Bell patrons everywhere and for all time, the appropriate response is to drive your vehicle through their restaurant.

Upon hearing this, my kids start laughing at the absurdity of it all. And as a father, I instantly think...teachable moment!

After talking with my kids for a few moments about anger and how we respond; my son thinks for a moment and then asks..."Did the guy get his taco?"

It is all about food for my boy.

I thought we were having a good life lesson on anger management. I even filled the moment with real life applications as we talked about how they will fight with each other over insignificant matters. But in the end, my son wanted to know if the guy achieved his goal and received a taco.

Well, no my son, he received a one-way ticket to court for vandalism and for being a moron. In fact, nobody is getting a taco from that restaurant for a while. Thanks for ruining it for everyone.

So, when you think you're doing a great job as a father, keep in mind that the questions you receive may not always be the ones you hope for.

Have a happy Father's Day this weekend. What's your most absurd fathering moment?

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