Monday, December 3, 2012

Cross Roads

Wm. Paul Young has done it again. Depending on how you felt about his book The Shack, it could very well determine if you are glad it has happened again. His new book, Cross Roads, follows Anthony Spencer through his less than perfect life.

If you liked the playful depictions of God from Young's previous bestseller, you're likely to enjoy this view as well. Some of this felt familiar, but that is far from a complaint. When a good reminder is given, it often is needed to be given again.

You shouldn't fear that this is simply The Shack 2.0, for new characters are introduced in unconventional ways, including an Irishman named Jack, who will feel like a welcome friend to many.

Young does a good job of keeping the story moving, bouncing between several stories. I must admit there was at least one point where the story line felt forced in order to give Young a chance to stand on a soapbox. Readers can be sure that assumptions will be questioned and beliefs challenged. But what else is reading for, if not for an opportunity for growth?

In the end, I was left with a few questions, but I believe that marks a good book, just like a good movie. If I want everything wrapped up neat and tidy, I'll rent a rom-com for my wife. This was a good story with lots of room for thought, both during the read and after the book is done.

I was given this book for free by my good friends at SpeakEasy. They ask me to say something, but don't tell me what to say.

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"This is my first novel on purpose." Jim Henderson (of Off-the-Map fame) interviews Paul Young aboutCrossroads


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