Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Best Of...All Time

I've been blogging for a few years now and so I thought it might be time for a best of series. I've had some surprises looking back, seeing which posts got the most hits. But, it's not about me, so I'm re-gifting some of the best of for the next week. This first best post is more than double the next and I can only assume it's because of the title garnering Google search hits. 

New stuff will begin again on January 2. 


Always Be Prepared

Always be prepared. It's a lot more than just a slogan for the Boy Scouts. It's great advice for anyone hoping not to get caught off guard. Hey, it's even a command given by the Apostle Peter when he tells us to always be ready with an answer for the hope that we have.

My senior pastor was prepared this past Sunday when he discussed being prepared. It would have just been ironic if he hadn't been prepared. But thankfully he was as he discussed the many ways that God prepared Mary for being the mother of the Son of God. That's a tall order.

Aside from being prepared to play the role of such an important mom in history, her and Joe were first time parents. Have you ever considered what it was like for them in this regards? For instance, when they had to flee to Egypt, how hectic was that?

I remember packing up for trips with my first child. There was the diaper bag, complete with enough baby food for 3 days, in case we got stuck someplace where Walmart has yet to find. We had diapers and wipes and blankets and rags, bottles and lotion. Then we had the back-up diaper bag, the stroller and enough toys to distract for any situation. This was just for a routine trip to the post office.

Joe and Mary were escaping to Egypt, but I'm sure they still needed a stroller. More importantly, they needed to be people who could handle the pressure and remember why it was important. We talk about the Reason for the Season. They were holding Him!

Our stress factors will be vastly different than Joe and Mary. None of us should need to escape to another country. Our biggest problem may be figuring out what to get for wives and moms. (I strongly suggest not getting her a vacuum.) Our preparation should also go beyond the giving of physical gifts.

Are we ready to worship the newborn King? Are we ready to share the Joy of the world? Are you ready to give a reason for the hope you have this Christmas?

Let's banter people. What do you do to be prepared for the Christmas season?

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