Monday, December 17, 2012

Guilt Trips Rock At Christmas

Do you think Mary ever gave Jesus a guilt trip over the pregnancy, labor and delivery?

I know you're the Son of God and all, but I was in labor for 19 hours. And don't even get me started on the smell in that place, with all the barn yard animals. 

And how does Jesus begin to answer that? Is that the time to remind Mom you are going to die for her sins as well as those of the whole world? Do you remind her that labor and delivery wasn't your fault, but Eve's? What about enlightening her to the fact that you've never done anything wrong?

Have you ever tried to deliver a baby with the smell of goats? Have you ever seen the ways cows don't mind their own business?

I have to say, being Jesus isn't easy.

And don't get me started on Joe. He just sat in a corner while I did all the work. He tried to tell me he didn't do this to me, but I still blamed him. 

Let's be real. The Christmas story is a messy story. In more ways than one. It wasn't long before Joe and Mary had to leave town. Just the first of many ups and downs in the life of Jesus. Imagine Joe and Mary packing up everything in the middle of the night to flee to Egypt with a newborn? 

Joe, did you pack the baby stroller?
This is to say nothing of what would happen 30 years later as Jesus began His earthly ministry. As we celebrate Christmas, let's remember the purpose for which Jesus came. This holiday is just the beginning. 

Scheduling Note: I've dug into the posts from Christmas past to bring you thoughts from previous years. I'd write new stuff, but I still have some shopping to do for my wifey. You understand, I'm sure. So this week is Christmas stuff. Next week I'm going to bring out a 'best of', since most people will be busy with families. If you do have time to read me, it will only be the most popular posts. You are welcome.

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