Thursday, February 14, 2013

Be My Valentine

The irony of writing a post directly to one person is not knowing if that one person will get the message. Case in point, today's post. I would give up all dozen readers to know that my wife still knows she is very much my Valentine.

Valentine Party Cups - Love Birds

We do ministry together. It's not always pretty. We have 3 children which often feel like 6 or 7 children. Definitely not an easy task. Then we have to relate to each other. While we've gotten better at discussing problems (read: I've gotten better at not being a big stupid-head), after 16 years of marriage, we're still not perfect.

But through it all, there is no other girl whose attention I'd rather have. There's no other lady that I want to impress and work out and work hard for than her.

She is my love. She is my muse. She is the ear who listens to my rantings. She is my opus. And even though I can't sing a love song the way Bon Jovi believes it's supposed to be sung, I want her to know how I feel about her.

But as I mentioned at the beginning, irony can be a funny thing. Jennifer does not come to my blog. She has the posts emailed to her. Of course, she might not read her email for a few days. So, if one of you could alert  her to my declaration of love, I would be grateful.

Because if I did it, it would just be self-serving. And that's not very Valentine's Day-ish of anybody. And if there's some girl out there you want to be your Valentine, go ahead and steal some of the mushier lines I've used here. I've heard chicks really dig that kind of stuff.

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