Thursday, February 21, 2013

Engaging the Media 2.0

We are mostly passive in our choices of media. This is because we too often choose media for the sake of entertainment. What will this do for me? The positive or negative comments that follow are based purely

And since we are each inundated with media in today's ocean of technology, I believe it is important to take a disciplined look at our choices and make a concerted effort to make the right decision. Ryan M. Blanck has given us just such a tool to assist in that endeavor. It's a book titled Engaging the Media 2.0.

As you may guess, Engaging the Media 2.0 is an updated tool from the original. As technology grows, so does our need to educate. I believe this is a great tool to use in that education.

The premise, no matter the form of media, is based on 3 questions.

  1. Is this good for me?
  2. Is this in its proper place?
  3. Is this a stumbling block for others?
After laying a solid foundation, Ryan tackles all forms of media, always bring it back to these 3 questions. With great focus and clarity, Ryan provides exercises and tools for teens to come to their own conclusion. While he doesn't come across as judgmental, he is unapologetic in his belief that the Bible holds the answers, despite the fact that words like television and internet are not found in its' pages. 

It's written for teens, but I think this book would be best used in a small group format, where teens could hold one another accountable to the exercises and have plenty of time and space for conversation.

I received this book from my good friends at Salem Publishing and YouthWorker Journal. They don't force me to say anything nice. They just ask me for my opinion, something I love to give. You can check out this resource here.

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