Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Yeah, how annoying was this commercial after the first time you saw it?

I have had too many conversations. Period. Seriously, people can be so annoying.

Alright, I don't mean that. But there is a particular conversation of which I have had too many. The main topic can be about a diverse number of things, but somewhere along the way people ask what they are thinking, what they are doing, when they will get around to it.

This would be fine if we were talking politics, something I try to avoid. It would be okay if we were discussing sports, something I enjoy a lot more than politics. Alas, this conversation is happening in the Church. It's not just in the Church, it's about the Church. Indeed, it's about the particular church where I serve.

Are you confused? Let me clarify...

Nondescript person #1: So tell me more about this decision made by them. What were they thinking?

I leave it as a nondescript person, because this seems to be a habit of many, dare I say them.

It is an odd occurrence to me because I am one of the leaders helping make decisions in this particular community of believers. Oh, and I'm not new here. My tenure can be measured in decades now. (Honestly, just 1 decade, but still.) People should recognize me by now.

So I have tried to figure out the reason for the use of they.

  • They could be trying to spare my feelings by removing me from the center of a decision they dislike. 
  • They could be trying to avoid the use of 'ya'll' or 'yous' guys. After all, we're not in Kentucky. 
  • Or they may even assume nobody is letting the youth pastor make any real decisions. 
I'm not sure any of the answers above is reason enough.

Guess what? In the Church, they is we! There is no passing the job off to someone else. There is no assuming that there is this magical group of they somewhere out there fixing things and planning events and making it all happen. Sometimes I wish there were.

But the Church is a community, meaning all of us are lumped in with the rest of us, for better or worse. So, as annoying as it may be, we all need to be like the little pig on his way home. Let's yell weeeeee!

They is we!

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