Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Good Luck With Your Political Agenda, Charlie!

Ridiculous and offensive? Sure, maybe I have been that.

Conservative minded and openly opinionated using my blog space? Not normally. And the reasons I normally don't are many. Mainly, you can find that kind of stuff everywhere. I prefer to focus on issues of significance, desiring God above all else and, of course, youth ministry. I figure if people would get over themselves and love God, then most problems in the world would be solved. 

However, today I have a problem. Specifically, I have a problem with the cowards at Disney and the writers of Good Luck, Charlie
Listen, I have 3 young children. Finding television shows to watch that 1) are entertaining for children and, 2) don't make me want to gouge out my eyes and ears, can be hard to find. This refers both to cartoons and live action. There's only so many wide-eyed, blinking cartoon characters I can take, having them ask me questions about where their map is or which Mouseketool they should pick. But live action shows can be even worse, as I have a hard time understanding how any self-respecting person can act like that...even for money. 

But Good Luck, Charlie became a family favorite. No, the acting wasn't exactly Oscar-worthy. But many of the jokes were sharp and several long-standing jokes were well-timed. Yes, the children would often get into trouble, doing things I told my kids they should never try. The dad, like most shows on TV, is little more than a goof, which is an unfortunate message our society accepts. 

Yet most of the themes were innocent enough. Even as Teddy Duncan, the teenage daughter and main star, dated throughout the series, her interactions with boyfriends stopped at small kisses. Enough to make my youngest daughter remind me that boys are gross, but nothing that would cause me to have to have 'the talk' with her. 

That is, until their most recent episode, which aired on January 26, 2014. In it, the Duncan parents set up a play date for their youngest daughter and realize that the other couple is a lesbian couple. For a show that has been deemed family-friendly and has never dealt with any issues regarding sexuality, this was a big jump into making a statement of what viewers should deem normal. 

I am fine with the conversation being had. I understand that not everyone thinks like I think or feels like I feel. But this is beyond cowardly on the part of Disney. Without warning, and totally out of character for the show, they decide to introduce a topic that demands more back and forth than, 'Hey, look what we've deemed to be something everyone should accept.'

Good Luck, Charlie is about to end it series run. It has only one farewell finale to go. So, well played, Disney. No one will threaten to stop watching your show. Even if they do, no loss on your part. I would think, even for those who agree with homosexuality, this should not be seen as a victory. This is comparable to hanging out with people all night, then deciding to tell them how you really feel about them just before you leave. 

As I said, I understand not everyone will agree with me, but if we agree with a person's right to choose, that courtesy should be extended to parents as well. Keep in mind, Disney, that with this show ending, I am now at a crossroads of choosing which channel to turn on next. 

So, good luck with that political agenda. 

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