Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Why I Don't Need to Die to be on an Important List for 2013

This is the time of year when people who died will be remembered. That's not a bad thing. Lists will abound of famous people, actors and actresses, athletes and others, reminding us of the legacy they left behind. World figures will be named and applauded for what they accomplished in life and left behind in death.

But its only a partial list of those who left planet Earth in 2013. It does not include everyone who made an impact. Media outlets cannot possibly list everyone who died last year, along with the impact they made on those left behind. It would be ludicrous of us to expect them to do so. But perhaps this small corner of the world wide web is perfect for a reminder that no impact is so small that it shouldn't at least be acknowledged.

It's why God included the genealogies in the Bible. You know, those parts of the Bible you've never seen in a Bible study and the chapters no one wants to read aloud.

Yeah,those chapters.

I like to think God included them and made them tediously long to remind us that each person matters. David doesn't appear and become the giant-killing king unless Jesse becomes a dad. We don't hear about Abraham if there is no Terah. And don't even get me started on Melki and all the adventures we would never know about without Jannai.

Each person matters. My insignificance does not equal a lack of importance. I play a role. It may be a minor role. But I am on this planet. I am here for a purpose.

So are you. We may not know each other. And if one us goes in 2014, we may not make any list that anyone will ever hear about. But don't you ever doubt that God has you on His list. And somewhere, someday, your name will be listed and called out. God will reveal your impact, your legacy.

And that will be the only list that matters.

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