Monday, January 6, 2014

Source Unknown

I want to admit right from the start that this is probably the dumbest way to start off a new calendar year of blogging fresh content. Why? Because I'm not sure about the content.

Intrigued? Let me explain.

I use the app Evernote. I absolutely love it. I can't tell you how many trees I've personally saved just using this app. There's only one problem. The app is only as good and organized as the user. For instance?

I keep a folder labeled blogging. If I have an idea, it starts out in that folder. Then, when I have more time to write, I find that folder and continue my thoughts. It sure beats having Post-It notes all over the place. Since I have Evernote on my phone and my Kindle, I can literally store a note whenever I want.

Evernote = Great.
Rick Nier = Not so much.

I found a poem tucked in that folder titled New Year's Poem. This would seem the appropriate time to share it, which I will, below. But you'll notice I have attributed it to unknown. That's not the name of some new clever hipster pretending to want anonymity. It could be by me. Honestly!?! I can't remember. I saved (or wrote) this note 5 months ago and labeled it for New Year's.

Now I can't remember if I actually wrote this!!!

I Googled it to no avail. Now I am asking you, loyal readers; if you know who wrote this, tell me and I'll offer proper acknowledgement. If no one comes by, I may assume it's so poor no one want to claim it, or it may actually be mine own.

Either way, enjoy this poem as a good beginning focus for 2014.

The gifts have all been given, the wrapping paper removed and recycled,
The lights are out, if not down and packed up, as another year ends,
The story has been told, once again the tale revisited
Of angels and shepherds, wise men and adoptive fathers,
And a King, come as a baby
The songs have been sung, the sales have been endured,
The smiles received, the thanks given, the checkbooks balanced,
All for who, for what, because that is what we do?
Now what?
We trudge on, we move forward, with what to look forward to?
We return to the norm, to the day by day, to the grind,
We look for purpose because we too easily forget,
That the gift God gave did not end on Christmas, for there it only began,
There was still life to be lived, an example to be given, from Him to us and from us to others,
More gifts were to come, as they do from every good Father,
So we look, we seek and we continue to forge ahead
Because the Story is not over, there is still more to do
For in telling and retelling, new characters will be added,
Of people who have heard, and others who change and love
And always a King, come as a baby.
~source unknown 

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