Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I'm Not Saying I Have Mutant Superpowers, But Maybe I Do

You young kids may not believe this, but there was a time when there were only two X-Men movies. There was a time when live-action superhero movies were just beginning to overtake our universe. And since there were only a couple of X-Men movies out, we were being introduced to people. Who they were, what they could do and why they were the way they were.

X2 Magneto and Pyro
There is a line from X-Men 2 where Magneto asks a young guy named John what his name is. When John answers with 'John', Magneto asks for his real name. It's Pyro. Not surprisingly, he can play with fire. Magneto affirms his powers and encourages him. This could have been a real made-for-TV kind of moment until you realize that Magneto is amassing an army. Oh, and he's the bad guy, despite what he may tell you. So Pyro isn't going to be making any campfires for s'mores anytime soon.

But Magneto's point is clear - don't hide from your real identity. I believe that is key for all of us to remember. We probably don't have superpowers, but the Bible does tell us we have gifts. It's not a genetic mutation, but something which God purposed us to have. Like several of the X-Men, our identity, our real identity, is connected to our mission.

There are things that only the X-Men can do, even in the fantasy world. There are things that only we can do. Oh, maybe other people have similar gifts. Perhaps others can do what we do to a greater degree, but none of them were placed where you and I were placed.

Yes, my use of the word placed makes it sound like you're a pawn in a cosmic chess game. I'm not saying you didn't make choices. But don't you ever wonder what led you to some of the choices you made? Don't you ever feel like something has been guiding you? Couldn't it be that you are where you are, able to do what you can do, for a reason?

I think it is crucial for us to find these things out. What's your mission? The answer to that just may start with telling someone your name. Your real name.

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