Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Why You Shouldn't Pray For People to be Saved

Suppose I had a pitcher of water and lots of empty cups. Suppose I had access to lots of water to refill the pitcher. Suppose I had made it abundantly clear that I was willing to give water to anyone who had asked. 

Now let's suppose you knew some thirsty people. (We're doing a lot of supposing.)

Who are you going to talk to in order to connect the thirsty people with me? Are you going to talk to me? Why? I've already told you I am more than willing to give people a drink. Shouldn't you be talking to the thirsty people? Shouldn't you be telling them about this guy with lots of water to drink? 

I wonder if we spend too much time praying about people coming to salvation. Perhaps we talk too much to God about these people, instead of talking to these people about God. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying we shouldn't be praying people into salvation.

What I am saying is that God has made it abundantly clear that He is wanting everyone to experience His salvation. While we can pray to God for the right words to say and for courage to say them, we should be spending more time talking to people. 

Romans 10:14 tells us this quite plainly. How can people call on a God they have not heard of? So let's do the math. God has heard of people, each and every one of them. So, ask Him for courage and wisdom. But don't ask God to do what He has already promised to do. 

Not everyone has heard of God. Let's change that. 

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