Tuesday, April 1, 2014

You Won't Believe This!

I'm resigning!
I'm pregnant!
I've gained 100 pounds in 1 week!

Nope, none of these are true. Bring on the ridiculous because it's April 1. April fools!

I trust nobody today. I believe no one. My apologies if something big, good or bad, happens to you today, because I'll be skeptical. I've steeled myself to not be fooled. And that got me wondering...

What if we lived everyday as prepared to live for Christ as some people do to not be fooled on April 1? Or as prepared to fool people, if you're that kid. By the way, I think I accidentally grew one of those kids. 

My 12-year old daughter had no less than 5 pranks at the ready for home and school today. My wife's last word of advice to her was to not get suspended. We'll see what happens. 

But what if my approach to everyday was to be on the lookout for people I could love? What if I was prepared to help people as the need arose? What if I prayed in such a way to be prepared for the crisis that will come my way each day?

If I was that prepared everyday, then I would not be a fool. 

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