Monday, July 21, 2014

There Can Only Be One

On a recent vacation, we had the chance to be contestants on Double Dare Live. Children of the 1980's will remember the Nickelodeon show Double Dare, a quiz and challenge show that pitted families of four against each other. It was a test of mental prowess. It was moms and dads and children pushing themselves to the physical brink. It was a great excuse to get messy from the gallons of green slime this show produced. 

As a child, I remember yelling at the screen as these inept families failed time and again. I was positive my family, led by me of course, could conquer anything that came our way with the ease that would make us look like Olympians tasked with simply running in a straight line. 

Now would be my opportunity to prove that the beast I imagine within actually existed. Since it would be messy, my wife declined. And since you had to be at least 8 years old, that left my youngest out. 

Teams required one adult and one child, which left me with a predicament. In order to participate, you had to fill out casting cards, complete with team name and a description of your unique abilities.

I filled out one card for my oldest daughter and myself. Then I filled a second card for my son and I.  I would leave the decision up to Nickelodeon.

As the time came for teams to be selected, my kids asked me what would happen if both our teams were called. But I knew the truth. Only one team could be called.

I think that a lot of people are living life as if both teams can be called. Good and evil. Light and dark. Right and wrong. But that is sheer nonsense. When applicants are being interviewed for an opening, nobody assumes that everyone will get the job. When parking cars, nobody tries to fit two cars into one spot. 

So why do we think like this when it comes to spiritual matters. All of the sudden we believe we can have our cake and eat it too. (Why people would want cake around when it's much more enjoyable to eat said cake is beyond me.) 

But we should realize the truth by now. There can only be one. That fateful day at the Nickelodeon Resorts, the Chuck Norris Ninjas were called. That would be the team name my son and I chose. My daughter and I were not called, which I knew would happen. Only one correct answer exists for each question. 

And once the competition came, there could only be one winner. As it turned out, it was not the Chuck Norris Ninjas

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