Wednesday, September 19, 2012

As For Me and My Crazy House

Brian Berry has written a good book here. There were moments when I wondered if he had cameras in my home. Because if there is a crazy house, it's the one I live in.

As For Me and My Crazy House is written by a youth pastor for youth pastors. The subtitle says it all; Learning to protect your heart, marriage, and family from the demands of youth ministry.

While many of the thoughts are geared towards those in youth ministry, the elements discussed in this book could be easily applied to any profession. Brian divides the book into 3 sections.

The Best Gift I Can Give My Marriage is a Healthy Self
The Best Gift I Can Give My Family is a Healthy Marriage
The Best Gift I Can Give My Community and Ministry is a Healthy Family

These divisions may seem to make sense, although many people don't actually practice their lives in this way. But Brian is far from predictable. I'll allow you to read the details, but he never seems afraid to disagree with current themes and buzzwords.

Brian becomes very passionate at points and with good reason. We have one opportunity with our ministry, our family, our marriage and our self. We need to get it right and I think Brian Berry gets it right.

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