Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How to Win and Lose a Job in One Interview

I haven't had to do a job interview for over a decade now. That's a good feeling. On the other hand, the interview I had is not one I have been allowed to forget. That can be a good thing, or a very bad thing.
Day 97: Having Anxiety for Tomorrow

People remember what you say in your interview. Many people don't think about that when they arrive. I was in a season of interviews, looking for what would eventually become my second stop in my youth ministry career. I had already had plenty of hit-and-miss interviews, mostly of the variety when you both realize from the interview this won't be a right fit. 

I was eager to make a good impression before the hiring team which consisted of several board members, a few youth ministry volunteers, some teen parents and even a couple of teens. I remember talking about my value of relationships being a foundational aspect of any ministry. No cameras were rolling and the secret recordings have been since been destroyed. All that to say direct quotes have been lost to memory.

But two questions have remained seared to the memory. One was light-hearted and referred to my enjoyment of playing tennis. One board member was intrigued and still wonders why we haven't played in 10+ years. Don't tell him, but it's me protecting my won-loss record against people who are better than me. I have found that my record looks better when I don't play.

The other question was more ministry related. The question and answer aren't important to this post, but just know that I made a commitment that I have not forgotten, as I continue to this day, to uphold. I have, and the ministry leader continues to be glad I do.

I'd like to think it was my smooth answers and great charisma that landed me the job. If the truth is to be told, however, it is probably due to my beautiful wife and the cute 9-month old girl I took with me to the interview. I never said I was above utilizing my greater attributes.

The point is that you better deliver on who you say you are. My second stop has not ended yet, at least in part because I keep in mind the promises I made at my interview.

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