Thursday, September 6, 2012

Rick Nier says Woo...September 6, 2012

One of my favorite scenes from Seinfeld is when Kramer is lost in downtown New York and calls Jerry to come and get him. When Jerry asks Kramer where he is, Kramer looks at the street signs and tells him to come to the corner of First and First.

As only Kramer can do, he steps back and exclaims, 'I'm at the nexus of the universe!'

I thought of that when I realized I would be pointing you to a blog post of someone else pointing you to links all over. Tyler Stanton has a weekly 6, where random seems to be the only rule. He calls himself the world's most trivial man, which is a concept I can get behind.

To be honest, I'm mostly sending you here so you can check out the video by The Flight of the Conchords. What they do in this video is nothing short of genius.

So go check out Tyler Stanton, be amused, and tell his followers to come back over here. They, of course, will get caught going back and forth, causing some sort of never ending black hole to form. But that's probably just a worst case scenario.


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