Friday, June 28, 2013

Parenting Is Its Own Party

While swimming with my kids, Party Rock Anthem came over the sound system. My 11-year old, who has her own iPod going on 6 months now, asked if she could have this song. Reminding her of a previous conversation, I told her no. The band LMFAO sings the song, which is reason #1. 

She pressed and wanted to know why, if the song was okay. Having previewed the video as part of my culture watching (for youth ministry purposes), I knew the song wasn't exactly clean either. I told her it wasn't a good party.


I know the tune is catchy, but bad things are happening at that party. Having had other discussions about bad parties, I was again able to remind her of the kinds of things that can happen at parties. A light of understanding started to cross her face. 

About that time my wife, along with our 6-year old, swam nearby. She was singing along with the radio, 'Party rock is in the house tonight...'

It appears we need to have more group discussions. 

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