Wednesday, December 18, 2013

7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess

Is it possible to like and hate a book at the same time? I suppose so, if you realized that the truth is what you needed to hear. And when I hear truth, I know it calls for a response.

This is not truth like water is wet. I don't need a response to that, except maybe to have a towel handy.

This probably is more truth than 'these cookies are life-changing'. In 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess, Jen Hatmaker has written truth that calls for a response. An actual, life-altering change of course and direction.

The premise is simple. Throughout her own life and circumstances as a pastor's wife, she came to realize her family had too much. As she writes about the need for a balance between feasting and fasting, she decided to go through 7 months of fasts from different areas in her (and her family's) life. This included one month of only eating 7 foods and another of only wearing 7 articles of clothing.

As you read through her book, written in interesting journal style, you'll come to discover those weren't even the challenging months.

I loved the book. I made sure my wife was reading along, so we could be convicted together. Hatmaker's writing style is convicting, but she's down-to-earth enough so you actually begin to think you could do some of this stuff as well.

I hated the book. Let's face it. I'm comfortable. I like comfortable. Comfort and I have a long-standing agreement of trying to be together, though life and responsibilities often try to get in the way of our relationship. This book calls for change. This book has caused a rift between comfort and myself.

I would urge everyone to read this book. It was worth the money. Because perhaps comfort isn't the most important relationship I should be worried about.

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