Friday, December 6, 2013

Seeker of Stars

It's part of the greatest story ever told. Yet, details seem to be lacking. No, not enough to keep us in the dark of what happened and what we need to know. But, enough has been left out to make us wonder.

Susan Fish has written a story to fill in some of the blanks. Seeker of Stars, a fictional look at one of the Magi who came to worship the baby Jesus fills in some possible back story. Have you ever wondered what the wise men were thinking? Have you ever wondered about some of the details that led them in and out of Israel?

I am guessing Susan has wondered that and a whole bunch more. She provides real depth to these astronomers and their families. Offering some twists and turns, she surprises us in some places but leaves us with a traditional and realistic look at the Magi's visit to our King.

Even if you've never wondered at the details, I would recommend this as a short read, offering insight as to how God leads people from every corner to eventually fall at His feet in worship. Perhaps this intriguing view will lead you to some answers you've been dreaming about as well.

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