Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Husband Versus Wife

My wife and I were talking in the bathroom, which is the only place since having children that we can have a private conversation. This time we weren't talking about anything major when my wife said my name. I instantly changed the subject and told her I liked when I heard my name from her lips. 

She rolled her eyes, something I get a lot. Then I noted it was because I didn't think she said my name a lot. She does call to me, just not with my name.

  • Hey you!
  • Boy.
  • Dork.
  • What's that smell? (Technically that's not a name she's calling me, but I know who she is referring to.)
She also agreed that she does not use my name a lot but calls me daddy. No, not for the dirty reason you just thought of. She's normally directing our 3 children to go ask their dad for something. 

But I digress, I say my wife's name a lot more than she says my name. The reason is clear. I need her a lot more than she needs me. I'm always walking around calling her name. I am pretty needy. 

  • Jennifer, what's for supper?
  • Hey Jennifer, have you seen my (insert any number of things here)?
  • Jen, where are your kids right now?
  • Jennifer, can you shave my back?
In terms of significance around our house, I may lead, but the wife is clearly playing a larger role. It's realized most clearly when one of us is sick. If my wife is sick its a game of chess for me, figuring out how to get kids where they need to be, how to feed everyone. No matter how well I succeed, I will post statuses of my herculean efforts. (Fed the kids mac and cheese and managed to pack lunches with pb&j for lunch at school. #winning)

But if I'm sick? There is no noticeable difference in the daily routine. Upon my return to health, I may even thank Jen for stepping up and doing extra. She'll just look at me, furrowing her brow, wondering what was different than any other day. 

I should probably keep this in my mind as I go Christmas shopping for her. 

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