Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Blood Doctrine

Here's the description I was given of Blood Doctrine by Christian Piatt.

What would happen if scientists were to take blood samples from ancient relics of Jesus’ crucifixion and extract the DNA in order to create a clone?
Filled with action, murder and miracles, Blood Doctrine is a brilliant story that bridges the miracle of modern science and the miracle of the crucifixion of Christ.

This sounds like a great book that I would devour and recommend, right? Yeah,! Let me start with the biggest problem, one I have mentioned here on my blog in the past. Foul language is unnecessary.

Especially for Christian authors, the use of bad words very profane language is not only unnecessary, but grasping for shock value to cover up deficits in other areas of the story. See, after the first couple of chapters, I was hopeful of two distinct matters. First, that the aforementioned profanity would stop, or at least slow down. Second, that the plot would be so entirely amazing that I might forgive the grievance of characters having a small vocabulary.

Let's not waste time talking about the characters, non-Christian, needing to sound authentic to make for a good story. If that was the intended purpose, it failed. Piatt had characters swearing in front of priests, albeit bad guy priests. Even the people who swear in my presence usually ask for a pardon on their French.

If nothing else, the bad language is an affront because I don't expect to see it in Christian novels. Call me a prude if you wish, I understand I can't expect purity in the world. However, when I open a book, it is by my choice.

Now, all of this may have been a blip on the radar had the story left me wanting more. The only thing I wanted was some conclusion. Piatt, I think, was attempting to weave two narratives together for the sake of combining historical narrative and modern science. From my vantage point, I was reading revisionist history and seeing no connection to the modern portion of the story.

Plus, I could see it coming, my disappointment that is. As the stories were reaching a climax and the pages were running out, I knew either things would be wrapped up too quickly or I would be left with questions. Neither is a good place to be in, but sadly I am left with questions.

It's unfortunate, because the idea was full of potential.

I was given this book by the good people over at SpeakEasy. They give me books in exchange for an honest review. I think we can all agree I've been honest here today.

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