Friday, May 23, 2014

If I Were Spiderman, I'd Need A Chiropractor

It comes out of nowhere. Actually, that cannot be true. It comes from somewhere. I choose to ignore it likely comes from weakness, lest I feel sorry for myself. So I come up with other possibilities, such as;
  • I was about to break a personal record for bench pressing weight.
  • With spiderman-like reflexes, I saved a mom and baby from near death. 
  • I faced down a ninja in a street fighting competition.
All of these could explain why my back is in such great pain. Of course, these scenarios ignore the fact that;
  • I don't have a personal record for bench pressing weight.
  • I have neither spiderman-like reflexes nor a situation which called for them.
  • The only street fighting I have ever done was on the old Nintendo game, Double Dragon.

But still, my back hurts. I wish I could explain it to you. It's this pain, not unlike 3 small hobbits decided to jump on me simultaneously from different directions. This has been the cause in the past. No, this time it came during some mundane exercise routines. This exercise, ironically, is supposed to make me stronger, not send me whimpering to a La-Z-Boy recliner.

While I lay there, studying my ceiling, trying to discern patterns, I wonder if God is attempting to teach me something. Perhaps, like Paul being blinded for 3 days before being called by God to become the greatest missionary the world has ever known, I am being prepared for some great work. Maybe I'll be sharing this story in front of great crowds of people who will all buy my book afterwards, realizing the great spiritual insight I have.

Of course, my back has been hurt before. Yet great crowds and book deals have gone unseen. More than likely, God is once again showing me that His grace is enough for me. That, and I was probably twisting in such a way which my back won't tolerate.

The truth of the matter is that many people have to suffer much more than I do. Others might have to suffer less, but that is not my concern. Each of us, with the focus we have, should look to God.

I'd offer more, but I need to get back to a recliner and studying my ceiling. What are you focused on today?

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