Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Paying Attention

If someone out there keeps up with all of the current things with culture and then fell asleep for 4 months, they might assume I was keeping current. For everyone else, you know I like to comment on things after everyone else is done.

Keeping to form, I'd like to mention Spotify, the music listening service that appears to let you listen to anything at anytime. I'd noticed people using the service and figured out that Spotify is connected to Facebook so you can read about all the music your friends are listening to.

Look at me explaining to you what you already know. It's like explaining strikes and balls to Derek Jeter.

It strikes me that I use Spotify's 'private session' all the time I want to listen to my guilty pleasures. I could tell you it was Glee remakes, but that would ruin my secret.

I thought about attempting humor and going public and listening to 8 hours of Michael Bolton. But there's two problems with this idea. The first, obviously, is having to listen to 8 hours of Michael Bolton, something I'd likely regret after 30 seconds. The second is that, though it's connected to Facebook and there'd be a status update, alerting everyone to my grievous lapse in judgement, I'm not convinced anyone would notice.

I could rail against all the noise in this world. I'd be justified in saying so. But perhaps the real issue is in my incessant need to be noticed. Aren't I on a journey to insignificance. It's awful hard to get there when crying out with every action, 'Here I am!'

If we're going to say 'Here I am', it should be directed to God. We're here for Him. Everything else is just noise. When Isaiah said these 3 words, it was to carry an unpopular message to a people who would mostly ignore him.

Who wants to do what God wants and be ignored by people?
Here I am!

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