Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Spurs or Funoodles?

Let us consider how we may spur one another on…~Hebrews 10:24

Can you picture this? If we took the Bible literally here, we’d have a lot more cowboys in Church. Plus, we’d have a whole lot of people with spur marks on their body.

Spurs hurt. That’s why we don’t just use them right away. Actually, we don’t use them on people. But maybe we should. We’re told to consider how to spur one another on. Let’s face it, sometimes we need to be jolted in order to get something done.

What if, instead of spurs, we used funoodles? You know, those pool noodles that can be used to help you float or to beat your friends upside the head. We leave a few marks and cause mild irritation, but I don't foresee lasting change happen.

Love and good deeds don’t just happen. They have to be acted out. And they should be acted out by us. We should be loving and doing good deeds. This doesn’t make it about us. Rather we do good deeds to point others to God so that they can draw near and we can watch as God repeats the process of cleansing others so they can hold on and spur others on.

So if you follow this logic out, we might all end up with spur marks. It would hurt. It would scar. But at least we might heading in the right direction. 

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