Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Getting Through the Week

Every week can't be a great week. I think we can all agree on that. 

After all, most weeks start with Mondays, a weekly reminder that bills must be paid and they won't pay themselves. But since I take Mondays off, don't even get me started on Tuesdays. While everyone else has resigned themselves to the fact that the work week is young, I'm just settling in to the fact that people won't pay me to stay at home. 

Wednesdays are a normally long day where the weekend is still too far off, yet at the same time beginning to dash your hopes of finishing any weekly to-do list. Thursdays get the shaft for no other reason than they aren't Friday. And Friday? Well, Friday is like a long climb up what you assume will be the greatest roller coaster of a weekend ever. But, come to find out, only a kiddie slide was waiting for you after all that anticipation. 

All of that to say, some weeks aren't great. I say this because we have to find the little things in life to get us through these weeks. Some people have beverages of choice. Others have comfort foods. Still others rely on a heavy dose of Facebook. 

What helps me through the rough weeks? Tagless shirts!

Tagless shirts? How can you even ask? Tagless shirts are the fudge topping to an already great dish of ice cream. The ice cream, in this case, would be a comfortable t-shirt. 

My tagless shirts make all my other shirts seem like I am putting on some sort of medieval torture device. I am not being over-dramatic about this. The fact that companies ever felt the need to have a tag with their logo on it is very narcissistic in the first place. See this comfy shirt? You won't ever forget that we made it for you, because we have this extra little square which will stick in the back of your neck all. day. long. 

If it sounds like I am ranting against tags, please don't confuse this. I am praising the passing of whatever legislation needed to happen so the American people could walk around in peace, knowing that the view of our backside would not be marred by a tiny little square at the nape of our neck.


Here's to you, rocket-science engineers, who figured out that if print could be done right on the front of a shirt, it could also be done on the inside of the back of the shirt. With this modern marvel of achievement accomplished, I won't have to cry myself to sleep each night of this week. 

What about you? What gets you through the week?

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