Friday, May 31, 2013

Good With an Eye Towards Better

The room is quiet now.

It was filled just a few moments ago with screaming kids. They were happy screams...mostly. They had been running, jumping, kicking balloons and eating ice cream. But now the room sits empty and quiet, with very little evidence that a tiny, elementary-force tornado had just swept through.

So we ended another school year for our midweek children's ministry. It was a good year. They learned a lot. We memorized the Old Testament books, with motions. We memorized a few key verses to go along with our teaching themes. We engaged in several service projects throughout the year. We saw many new faces throughout the year.

It was a good year. But if I'm honest with myself....

I wish I hadn't felt so drained at times and looked towards midweek with dread.
I wish we had found more adults to build relationships with kids.
I wish I had learned more names than I did.

Like a sports team that falls just short of winning the championship, I already look towards next year. This was a good year, but I believe we can see an even better year next year. This is the free agency season, where new recruits can be picked up, a tweaked game plan can be envisioned and some focused training can lead to high hopes for next year.

The room is quiet now, but soon the happy noise will return.

And I can't wait.

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