Friday, May 3, 2013

Two Sentence Reviews?

If you follow me regularly at all, you know a few things about me.

  • My kids make for great illustrations, though not always good examples.
  • My own life makes for good sermon fodder, though again, not always the best example.
  • I love reading books and posting the reviews.
  • I am all about youth ministry.
The above list may not be in any order, but another thing you should know about me is that my life pursuit is to take the light, any little that shines my way, and reflect it back to God. Again, I don't always do this perfectly, hence the stories and illustrations.

Along those lines, I try and take moments here and there to share someone else's thoughts and work. Today, I found a post that combines a couple of these loves; books and youth ministry. I am linking you to MarkO's blog post, where he reviews several books at once. How can he accomplish this without writing an entire book himself? Two Sentence Reviews!


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