Monday, August 19, 2013


I'm just not sure how you put up with me for so long. 

I could have said that to my college roommate of 2 years. I could have said that to the people at my church, where I've been for over 10 years. I think my wife would like me to say it to her, just so she knows that I know I am a lucky guy. We've been together for 17 years, celebrated last Saturday by decorating our church in preparation for our upcoming children's ministries kick-off.

If I'm being honest, I could say the above to anyone who's been talking to me for more than five minutes.

But today, I'm saying it to you, my loyal blog readers. I just passed 700 posts last week. When I began this blog, I never dreamed I had 700 things to say, much less the focus to write it all down.

700! That's 700 times that somebody has seen the link and said to themselves, 'Sure, I'm not doing anything better for the next 5 minutes.' Or perhaps, 'Maybe he'll stop bugging me if I read it and comment.' (Side note: there's many things you could be doing with that 5 minutes and no, I won't stop bothering people.)

I acknowledge that not all 700 are gems, and even combined, I am not exactly creating my magnum opus here. But as long as ideas pop into this head of mine, I'll continue to jot some of them down and see what people think.

Those people are you. So thank you for continuing to check in.

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