Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What About Hur? Dude, That's a Guy!

There is a story found in Exodus 17 that leaves me with questions. 

The gist of the story is that the Israelites and the Amalekites were doing battle. Whenever Moses' hands were raised, the Israelites were winning. Whenever they weren't, the Amalekites were winning. So Moses kept raising his hands. 

Before continuing, can I just ask a few questions? 

How did Moses even discover he could do that? Was he watching Israel lose and he went to stretch? Did he try it a few times before getting Aaron and Hur and saying "Hey guys, check this out "

Aaron and Hur end up holding Moses' arms up and Israel takes care of business, for the win!

Speaking of Hur, his name is a Abbott and Costello routine waiting to happen.

Have you seen Hur?
-Who? There's three girls over there.
No, not the girls...Hur!
-Are you talking about Ben?
No, Hur!
Yes, Hur.
-Are we talking about that guy?
I have been talking about Hur the whole time!!!!

I digress. The story of Moses and his arms has a couple of great lessons. First, teamwork is always a good thing. Second, don't get confused. This story is not really about Moses holding his arms up. Check out Exodus 17 again and you will see that Moses is holding the staff of God in his hands. That is the same staff that God used to display His power in front of the Pharaoh. It probably didn't look as cool as Loki's glow stick of destiny in The Avengers, but trust me, that is where all the power was. 

As Aaron and that other guy were holding up Moses' arms, God was holding up His purpose, that He might get the glory. 

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