Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ordinary People

Don't be too proud to enjoy the company of ordinary people.
Ordinary. It's not exactly a term most of us like to hear in front of our name. 'There goes ol' ordinary Rick.' It's kind of like hearing someone say that our ideas are just plain vanilla. Of course, someone once reminded me that vanilla is, in fact, a flavor. So, for all you non-chocolate lovers out there, don't let people hate. You like a flavor. 

Now, I'd love to turn this into a feel-good blog post and tell you there are no ordinary people either. But let's be honest. Its not too difficult to imagine who Paul is talking about here in Romans 12. But what does it say about me that my first reaction was to think, 'this is how I put with most of the people on Facebook.'

My reaction should have been more like 'Finally, I have a Bible verse that will make people be nice to me.'

Ah, the joys of getting over myself.

Ordinary people. They are all around us. And unless you are one of those pro athlete, movie star, pop music sensations having my blog read to you by your butler, then you are probably one of those ordinary people as well.

By not being proud, we can embrace our ordinariness. Heck, I think someone should even write a song, or a poem about it. Perhaps we could even create an ordinary people dance, something that slaps flash in the face and goes back to not being noticed. 

Yes, that is exactly what we should do. Then, when the dance music starts, don't be too proud to dance ordinary. 

What would the ordinary dance look like?

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