Thursday, August 29, 2013

Do You Really Want To Read This?

Soooooooo, I wear a few hats at my church. It's really quite amazing all the things you can fit under the title Associate.

Who's in charge of the youth ministry?
~That would be the Associate.

Who's in charge of small groups?
~Ummm, the Associate.

We need someone to meet with the greeters.
~I'll get the Associate.

How about someone to call Bingo numbers for the monthly game?
~The Associate would love to.

That is somewhat of a stretch for most, I hope. But I do oversee a number of different things at my church, and the schedules do not always work kindly with each other or wait their turn patently. I'm not complaining. I'm just saying that if some of my recent posts seem less than focused, it's because I'm a bit busy with several details.

I wondered about writing this and putting it out there. After all, do you really want to read this? When I don't have any pre-planned ideas of what to post, I'm prone to wonder if I have anything worth putting out there. I do see other blogs that talk about the daily stuff, but I've always thought them more interesting.

Yet I realize that it is my mundane and day to day that reveals the insignificance I truly encapture. Much like 99% of the world's population, it's not all glitz and glamour over here. If you don't go to my church, you could throw up a prayer for me. And if you do attend the same community I do, perhaps you could say a prayer as well...and then sign up to help somewhere.

Who is in charge of recruiting people?
~That would be the Associate.

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