Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Altar Ego

I wasn't sure about this one.

I had this book, Altar Ego by Craig Groeschel sent to me by my good friends at YouthWorker Journal. Since they are a youth ministry group, most of the stuff I see come from them has a direct correlation to youth ministry.

And, not to be judging a book by its' cover, this book seemed more generally suited for becoming a better Christian. This, of course, is good and is needed. But in the context of youth ministry, I was imagining trying to get my teens to read a book. Maybe a series of tweets. Perhaps a longer Facebook post. But a book?

Well, I stand corrected. Not only does Craig write in a manner that is both page-turning and convicting, this book is perfectly designed for those who preach and teach in monthly series. This is something I do, so halfway through this book I was imagining series names and small group discussions.

Divided into three parts, Craig adeptly deals with removing worldly labels and accepting the image God has given us in section one. In part two, which could be much longer, and an entire book or series of books in itself, he deals with some very core issues of how Christians should live, touching on integrity, patience, honor and gratitude. Lastly, he makes a call for Christians to live with boldness in various areas of our lives.

So this book will be good for any age. But I see direct implications for teenagers, who tend toward radical calls that have a promise. On that end, this book delivers.

Should you check this book out? I'm sure you should.

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