Monday, March 4, 2013

Heaven Is For Real

So as I was telling my kids about this book, it struck me very quickly that reading the Bible should do this for each one of us. Yes, God's Word alone should be enough to convince us all. But let's be honest...

Now allow me to back up a step. 

I had a long distance meeting, one in which I'd be driving for more time than I'd be in a meeting. For me, this means redeeming the time with an audio-book. This meeting's selection was Todd Burpo's Heaven is for Real

Yes, I know I am woefully behind when this came out, as well as any controversy that came with it. I think this book is worth your time, so I will avoid giving away any of the juicy details. But I will tell you some...

Since this book is older, it is beyond what is worthy of needing a spoiler alert. Suffice it to say that Colton Burpo, the 3 year old boy (at the time), needed some emergency surgeries. During this time, he was allowed a view of Heaven that many have wanted. 

The story is well written and very intriguing. If you're looking for a simple Q&A about Heaven, this isn't it. It's so much more. You'll hear the story before and behind the story that gained national attention. The struggles of the parents and the questions they had. 

But it still does raise the question I started towards at the beginning. If we're called to be people of faith, then reading of one child's experience shouldn't make it all different. But for many, it does. On the other hand, if God chooses to give a select few an experience to go back and encourage the rest of us, shouldn't it make a difference? 

If we are allowed a picture from a fellow brother in Christ, even if he was 3 at the time, it should cause us to stop and think. I wasn't having any crisis of faith about Heaven, but this book is making me think. And I am using it to have discussions with my children. 

I would encourage you to do the same, because Heaven is for real.

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