Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Customer Rules

I am not sure if I would consider myself a customer as part of Waterbrook Multnomah's Blogging for Books program. But since that is what I technically am, let me say they know how to treat their customers. 

Imagine walking into a store and being told that, without asking for it, they were giving you something they knew you would like. That's exactly what my friends at Waterbrook have done. 

As with most things in life, I have filled out a profile. Now I know they have read that profile. How do I know? They surprised me with a book that I didn't ask for, but one I have enjoyed reading. It's called The Customer Rules by Lee Cockerell. 

Even if you don't recognize Lee by name, you'll know the places he has helped improve. He is a former Excutive VP at some little operation in Orlando, Florida starring one Mickey Mouse. Before that, Lee also held positions at Hilton Hotels and Mariott, hotel chains that seem to do well. 

What he has done here is opened up the warehouse of information by explaining 39 rules that will deliver sensational service. And even though I am a youth pastor, which is probably the equivalent of an executive VP, I found plenty of fodder for the Church.

Our volunteers may not necessarily be considered customers, but how the Church treats its' guests can determine its' success, much like any business. This book is well organized with short chapters, perfect for bite-sized chunks of information. A team of leaders could read a couple each week and work on implementation. 

And implementation is the key to growth, something that Churches should be all about. 

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